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In 2006, Protector Fire Services made the decision to take immediate action to minimise the impact of our waste on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. In the knowledge that one way or another all of the world’s renewable resources must run out one day run out, we embarked upon an initiative to be considered a leader in the recycling of anything capable of being recycled.

After extensive research and consultation we developed a company-wide Environmental Management Policy, appointed an internal Environmental officer and commenced with the following actions in line with our ethical and corporate responsibilities:

  • Empowered the elected environmental officer to implement and oversee recycling activities.
  • Recycling repositories put in convenient locations.
  • Recycling practices implemented to include plastics, metals, batteries, lighting tubes, glass and cardboard.
  • Opened discussions with European patent holders for waste extinguishant re-purposing.
  • Installed 2 x 14,000 litre rainwater tanks.
  • Installed timer based external lighting to buildings.


  • Recycling repositories are still receiving 98% acceptance.
  • Running all activities associated with Protectors workshop and ablutions with the saving of 532,000 litres of scheme water (as at 01 March 2020).
  • 754 Tonnes of waste not sent to landfill (as at 01 March 2020).


  • Internal research and development to find a solution to waste extinguishant disposal.  Initial tests have been conducted and met with 85% success rate, development continues.
  • E-waste is waste from end of lifespan electronic equipment.  Australia generates more than 100 tonnes of e-waste per year with only a fraction recycled.  Protector Fire Services commenced recycling e-waste in October 2014 and to date has recycled 1,740kg (as at 01 March 2020).
  • Planned development of a comprehensive energy efficiency programme commencing with the installation of internal lighting and hot water timers.
  • Commenced stocking of high energy efficiency products including pumps, valves and drives.

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