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Fire Doors & Passive Systems

Passive fire and smoke systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire and smoke elements – structural – including walls, floors, ceilings access panels and hatches
  • Structural fire resistant elements – beams, columns, girders, trusses etc
  • Fire resistant door sets – hinged, pivoted and horizontal sliding
  • Smoke doors – hinged and pivoted
  • Fire shutters
  • Fire rated glazing
  • Ducts & dampers

Passive fire and smoke systems are integral in forming a separation between fire compartments. All buildings are constructed to strictly outlined performance and functionality requirements in order to meet the objectives outlined in the building Codes of Australia.

These include:

  • Safeguard people from injury in the event of a fire
  • Prevent the spread of fire
  • Allow occupants of the building to evacuate safely
  • To contain services, plant and equipment within their own fire compartments

To ensure that passive fire and smoke systems are functional, routine maintenance is outlined in Australian Standards 1851.

Protector Fire Services is pleased to offer new customers the opportunity to engage us to attend to this often overlooked maintenance requirement. Let us do the hard work. We will discuss your requirements and site protocols, schedule the inspections as required, provide a fully itemised report and ensure that this important aspect of fire protection is kept within acceptable specification.

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