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Bomb Threat Training

Bomb Threat training is delivered in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010 and your Emergency Response Procedures.  The training is designed to help all staff (in particular Wardens) respond to and deal with bomb threats, with a strong focus on life safety and safely evacuating occupants.

Bomb Threat training is especially important for facilities at an increased risk of receiving a bomb threat including government facilities, financial institutions, airports/airline companies, higher education and sporting arenas.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Identify the nature of Bomb Threats;
  • How to use a Bomb Threat check list;
  • How and when to carry out a search;
  • What makes an item suspicious? and
  • Ways to reduce the risk of exposure to explosive threats. 

This training is theory based and can be delivered on site or at our training facility for up to fifteen (15) participants.

Our Emergency Evacuation Exercises can be conducted after training to test your team’s new skills and fulfil the workplace’s legal obligation to conduct at least one Emergency Response Exercise in the form of an evacuation of the workplace per year.

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Bomb Threat Training

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