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Backflow Prevention and Annual Flow Testing

Backflow prevention device (left) & Twin Fire Hydrant (Right)
Backflow Prevention device (Left) & Twin Fire Hydrant (Right).

There has been considerable confusion of late due to the Water Corporation actively monitoring and enforcing annual backflow prevention testing and compliance.

Backflow Prevention compliance involves the integrity testing of all devices (where fitted to fire or domestic services) to ensure contaminated water cannot be returned to street mains.

Each backflow prevention containment device must be tested on an annual basis, as a condition of connection to the water supply, to ensure the device is maintained and effectively protecting the drinking water supply from backflow.

If a Backflow device is defective or faulty, it may:

  • not prevent a contaminated source entering the drinking water supply;
  • leak and waste water; or
  • impact on the water pressure supplying your property.

Annual Hydrant Flow Testing ensures that your fire service operates as originally designed so, in the instance of fire, it can meet the performance demands required by DFES (Fire Brigade).

An annual flow test is required to be completed in accordance with AS 1851-2012 4.4.3, for all hydrant systems, to confirm the adequacy of the system. The annual flow test simulates fire-fighting operations to confirm:

  • the system can sustain the required pressure;
  • there are no obstructions or impediments restricting water flow; and
  • indicates if there is sufficient water pressure and flow for emergency use.

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