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Modern Slavery Act 2018 – Supply Chain Evaluation

Effective January 01, 2019, Australia has legislated to ban any modern slavery within the supply chain of Australian companies. 

Modern slavery is defined as:

  • Conduct which would constitute an offence under Division 270 or 271 of the Criminal Code (cth).  Such as slavery, servitude, forced labour, deceptive recruiting, debt bondage and any other form of human trafficking; and
  • Any form of child labour prohibited by law.

Protector Fire Services falls within the supply chain of many of Australia’s Tier one (1) entities and as such has undergone extensive supplier evaluations.  Whilst we continue to work with our suppliers on the issue, we have also suspended trading with some suppliers due to non-compliance with this legislation.

To date, we can report that only one (1) of our portable fire extinguisher equipment suppliers in Australia complies with this act and would like to congratulate Eversafe Extinguisher Australia for their commitment and leadership on this issue.

For the foreseeable future, Protector Fire Services will be sourcing all products exclusively through Eversafe Extinguisher Australia.  These products will include the Firesafe, Eversafe, DFS and FFS brand fire extinguishers.

More information about the Modern Slavery Act 2018 can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website  –

If you would like further details about Protector Fire Services ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with this legislation, please contact us at

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