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Like you, we believe in these times of uncertainty, the security and wellbeing of our family, home and business is of paramount concern to us all.

Protector Fire Services is pleased to be able to reassure you that we are here to assist as part of the essential services infrastructure.  We will continue to provide our services to support and protect small and large businesses, home offices, government departments, healthcare, mining and a raft of other sectors through the challenges facing us all in the times ahead.


All Protector Fire Services branches remain open and fully staffed.  A range of measures have been undertaken to ensure the continuity of our essential services.

In these changing times, you may wish to consider any new requirements that have arisen; for example, premises that are vacant can provide easy access for maintenance, staff working from home will require adequate fire equipment to comply with Workplace Health and Safety………… call our friendly team to discuss.

  • Perth ………………….. (08) 9207 9700
  • Bunbury …………….. (08) 9726 0095
  • Albany ……………….. (08) 9841 7147
  • Geraldton …………… (08) 9960 7701
  • Darwin ……………….. (08) 8984 4511


All Protector Fire Services departments continue to undertake service, maintenance and installation requirements.  Our technicians, tradespeople and support staff are undertaking recommended hygiene and social distancing measures to protect themselves and you as our customers.  Our departments include:

  • Portables
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Special Hazards
  • Passive
  • Emergency Response

From the team at Protector Fire Services, we wish all of our present, past and future customers every success in overcoming the current challenges and assure you that we are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week……….. “we are all in this together”.

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